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Learn to defend yourself and your love one’s

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Ask yourself...Could you protect yourself or your love one’s from a violent attack ?

                      Could you escape from a confrontation ?

                      Do you know your 'Self Defence' legal rights ?

Why Learn Self Defence ?

4 out of 10 muggin’s are committed by youth's under 16 yrs old.

Every year there are 10's of thousands of assaults in the UK. Only 85% are reported and of them only 55% lead to a prosecution.

Every 37 second's a home somewhere in Britain is being burgled. Often while occupied, and the use of threatening intimidation and actual violence is increasing.

Increased shop lifting and violence against shop staff. 27,000 shop staff reported being physically attacked during the first 3 month's of 2018.

In a real world situation, an attack is over within a few second's. These seconds are filled with panic, chaos and confusion, and you won't have time to think. At Eltham CKD you are taught principles and techniques that will allow you to instantly stop any attacker whether they are armed or not !

You'll be amazed what you can do to protect yourself and your love one's.

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NHS data for 2017/18, shows the highest annual increase of 22% in sharp object (Knives etc) related episodes since 1998/99.
Knife crime across England and Wales has risen for the first time in four years,
official figures have revealed.
Up to
1,000 people a month are victims of knife crime in London, Not all are fatal but the majority are ‘life changing’ injuries, either physical or mental - even both !