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Chief Instructor Syra Flaxman  ‘Honoury Membership’ award 19/9/18 Chief Instructor Syra Flaxman receiving her honorary membership Award

A look around this website and you’ll see lots of pictures and video’s containing Syra (with her brother Chief Instructor Noah). She has been involved in everything we do throughout her 9 years loyal service with us. It is a sad loss to us that ‘our Syra’ has moved further away to attend University, but hopefully when visiting friends and family she will pop in for a training session or just to keep in touch. We will miss her lighting up the Dojan with her famous smile !

It is not often that someone comes along as a young child of 7 years of age, and through regular attendance lasting 9 years achieves Black Belt, Instructor, then Chief Instructor status ! She has rightly earned the respect and friendship of all her fellow ECKD students and is a fine role model for all to follow.

We wish Syra every success at University. ‘PIL SUNG’ Syra.

chief instructor syra flaxman accepting award

Syra accepting her well deserved ‘Honorary membership’ Award - A Wonderful occasion but a sad loss to ECKD.

Chief Instructor Syra Flaxman and Head Instructor John Edwards

Chief Instructor Syra Flaxman with her brother Noah behind her, and ECKD Founder and Head Instructor John Edwards.