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Shooters Hill 6th Form College
for Royal Greenwich Sensory Service.
Supporting deaf students.

I was honoured to be invited to run a two and a half hour ‘self defence’ workshop for these wonderful people. I admit at first I was hesitant and unsure of my abilties to cater for the varying needs of the students, some of which are coping with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities, and some with visual and hearing impairments. It was soon obvious however that Naomi Berry and Claire Dallison had organised everything perfectly, and had ‘hand sign’ experts and helpers on hand ready to help. Very quickly myself and fellow instructor Chris Schneider felt welcomed and relaxed. As far as Chris and myself are concerned we had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed ‘our’ learning experience.

I am very grateful for the photo’s and comments supplied by Naomi and Clair to mark this special event for us all.

Review 1:

I would like to thank you for delivering such an amazing workshop yesterday. Staff and students have been looking at the pictures and discussing how fantastic both you and Chris were. You were able to keep all students engaged and were professional and funny at the same time. I will send a review and the rest of the pictures shortly!

Thank you again.

Claire Dallison
Communication Support Worker

Review 2:

John and Chris,

Thank you for running a fantastic Self Defence workshop for our Deaf students. Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed all the techniques that you taught us. You were both professional and funny with the ability to keep everyone engaged.

You tailored the workshop perfectly to match our student’s needs by being fully inclusive, visual and breaking down each skill to enable them to follow instructions given and practice independently.

The skills learnt have given them confidence and understanding how to keep themselves safe.

We would recommend you to any organisation looking for these skills.

Many Thanks,

Royal Greenwich Sensory Service

demonstratin 'goose' hold-hand sign expert translating my explanation figure of four restraint practice - well done !

demonstrating 'goose' hold-hand sign expert
translating my explanation

Practicing a ‘figure of four’ restraint hold  - well done !

practicing escape from a head lock hold

practicing escape from a side head lock

Nearly there - keep going !!

escaping from a hair grab - ouch !

escaping from a hair grab - ouch !

do it this way says chris

“do it this way” says Chris

defending from a baseball bat attack - yep, it really works !

defending from a baseball bat attack - yep, it really works !

getting into the detail

getting into the detail…

what a fantastic bunch of people - thank you what a fantastic bunch of people - thank you