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Emily Rodgers promotion to SENIOR INSTRUCTOR

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Left to right -
Assistant Instructor Lola Morris, Assistant Instructor Finlay Morris, Assistant Instructor Yasmin Benzerari,
Head Instructor John Edwards, Senior Instructor Emily Rodgers, Senior Instructor Michael Rodgers, Senior Instructor Syra Flaxman, Assistant Instructor Ajmer Smith, Assistant Instructor Cathryn Edwards, Assistant Instructor Micky Ferrara, Assistant Instructor Noah Flaxman

Senior Instructor is the highest office available in ECKD below ‘HEAD Instructor’, and it is a credit to Emily at just 16 years of age that she has achieved this very high promotion. Emily joined ECKD in February 2008 and her Syllabus knowledge, technical skill and dedication to ECKD has been 2nd to none ever since that first day.

She often puts her own training to one side to help other students, and is the epitome of what a marshal artist should be.  

Well done Emily !