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pictures and video’s taken at various events and to provide more
information about what we do

Instructor Syra is suffering a leg injury and is restricted to using crutches. What better opportunity to demonstrate how Eltham CKD techniques are effective in every situation ! Click on picture to see video.

Disabled self defence New Chief Instructor

Syra Flaxman New Year-New Chief Instructor

Why learn Self Defence ?

Training video’s - Shopkeeper
defence against pistol / Knife
and an attack the woods

Sekf defence videos

Knife Defence Workshop 1

Knife Defence Workshop 2

 Knife defence,how to defend against a knife attack

Junior students pictures and video’s

kids martial art club Eltham

Picture & Movie Gallery

martial art Pictures and Video's,self defence pictures & Videos

Michael Rodgers Promotion to Senior Instructor

Ajmer Smith promotion to ECKD  Assistant Instructor

Ajmer Smith promoted to Assistant Instructor

Expedient Weapons Workshop

everyday objects as weapons

Emily Rodgers Promotion to Senior Instructor

Black Belt Grade 20/7/16

ECKD Instructors

Promoted to Assistant Instructors -Micky, Lola and Finlay

PUBLIC Self Defence Workshop

Maddie’s GCSE  PE school course work

School GCES sports using Eltham CKD

Articles written by our
head instructor

Black Belt Grade 22/3/17



May 2017 FREE
Self Defence Workshop

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