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How can your martial art training  help you get a job ?

You’ve left University with lots of qualifications. The problem is so have many others. So you send off your C.V, join the recruitment queue, and hope for the best - Well not quite.

The problem is that schools are seemingly focused on obtaining as many ‘good exam results’ as possible. I don’t mean to undermine the efforts of students, I know only too well the stress students go through cramming for exams. Sometime’s to the point the whole thing becomes unhealthy, and causes mental and physical health problems. What I mean is the schools want to attract the best students and build a good reputation in their local area, and the way to do this is by advertising their exam successes - i.e the schools’ success !

They tend to sell the story that by getting all these great exam results will open the door to University and a wonderful life of fulfilling employment. I’m not guessing here - Many of my students parents are teachers, and we have a few teachers training as well. Sometimes they can’t wait to have an excuse to rant about their jobs, and it is always about the education system in general, their particular school, or their undeniable heavy work load. Never the students. So my observations are based on what I’m told by teachers, not the students.

Now to the point of this message…We have had a few occasions where students have succeeded in getting the University placement they wanted by producing their Black Belt certificate along with their exam results. The same has happened with students applying for jobs. It actually does tip the balance and can mean all the difference when competing against other students with similar qualifications or even better ones!

Its not really difficult to understand why. Producing a Black Belt certificate or a bunch of grade certificates if not a Black Belt is real proof the student is capable of self motivation and goal setting. Then strives to achieve those goals. Faced with this fact about an individual it is no wonder the likely hood is that person would be considered favourably compared to others.

I am sometimes discouraged and frankly annoyed at some parents who actually stop their kids attending martial art lessons “until their exams are over”. Often the motivation will by then be gone (as there is plenty of competition for their time out there), and they don’t return. I have seen the result of parents (and schools) constantly applying pressure, pushing the kids to achieve higher and higher exam results, little realising that one or two hours a week away from ‘cramming’ and studying really benefits the kids, and gives them the chance to burn off their frustrations in an enjoyable atmosphere with like minded people.

It is no wonder so many ‘drop out’ or go on to self harm, and fall out with parents !

I know that not everyone will agree with my view that the stress youngsters are under to achieve at school often leads to mental overload, but I’ve seen it, and it saddens me so deeply watching a bright, happy martial art student become moody, lethargic and sometimes disrespectful.

So parents (and students), consider your martial art an asset for the future. The benefits are numerous physically and mentally, and may just provide the opening to a great future.