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Justin Davenport, Crime Editor
Evening Standard


Up to 1,000 people a month are victims of knife crime in London, according to alarming new statistics.

They show that around 400 a month are being injured in attacks — many of them seriously — while others are being threatened. In the first four months of the year, 11 people were murdered in knife attacks. Four teenagers have been stabbed to death so far this year.

The statistics, obtained after a Freedom of Information request, reveal that there were 1,038 victims of knife crime in London in January, of which 410 were injured and four killed. The remainder were threatened with knives.

The figures for February show there was a total of 818 victims, in March there were 993, and in April there were 892 victims. The number injured in attacks reached a peak of 420 in April, the equivalent of 14 people a day.

In total for the first four months, 284 were seriously injured with knives, 413 suffered “moderate” injuries and 870 minor injuries.

Many thanks to ECKD Chief Instructor Richard Kear for the photo’s and video’s

In our Knife defence Workshops we wear white ‘T’ shirts and arm ourselves with ‘marker pen’ practice knives.

We study various ‘proven to work’ techniques as practiced by the military & security services. At the end of each technique we check to see if the defence actually worked. If our partner ‘scored’ by leaving a knife mark on our ‘T’ shirt.

It is very rare to find a student with a ‘clear’ T shirt after one or two techniques. Thus proving how difficult it is to protect from a knife attack in the real world unless you are aware of effective techniques as taught by Eltham CKD.

In Eltham CKD we use techniques that provide the opportunity to overcome or escape from the attacker.

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Knife Defence Workshop 2 Pictures Video’s

Defender has rolled the knife attacker over and is now on top

Comparing ‘wounds’ on the ‘T’ shirts

 Knife Defence Tactics Eltham CKD Knife Defence workshop Eltham CKD Knife Defence workshop picture Eltham CKD knife Defence workshop picture Eltham CKD knife defence workshop pictures

After successfully ‘rolling’ her attacker this lady means business !

That’s right. After successfully defending yourself —- get out of there !

Comparing ‘wounds’ inflicted on the ‘T’ shirts

Practicing various stages of a technique

Discussing Knife Defence Tactics