Eltham CKD

Eltham ECKD Martial Arts and Self Defence School

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Junior Class Pictures and Video’s young childrens martial art, safe childrens martial art,fun martial art

Instructors giving one-to-one teaching

childrens martial art,childrens self defence Junior Eltham CKD students warming up

Some of our ‘A’ class junior students warming up and getting ready for the lessons

Martial Art, self defence ,get fit 7 to 11 yr old Eltham CKD students

Ready and waiting to start. A few of our junior ‘A’ class students with 4 instructors

Self Defence and martial art,self confidence,positive attitude

It’s great to see the positive self confidence in our young students

Junior class martial art,fun martial art

Ready for action !

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More Eltham CKD kids pictures on the way…

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Kids martial art

6 yr olds giving it their all !