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Expedient Weapons Workshop

The workshop was to demonstrate how ‘ordinary’ domestic objects can be ‘legally’ used as a self defence weapon.
We could only cover a few common items in the time available but the message behind the workshop was to encourage awareness that many inanimate objects, applied correctly and with determination will successfully fend of an opportunist attacker.

So carrying everyday items on you at all times in and out of your property such as keys, plastic card, pen, even a plastic comb can give you an advantage when being attacked or threatened.

Take a look around every room in your property and note how many items there are that could be used for your self defence. If there are too few then get some and place them in places you will remember to go to automatically without thinking or fumbling around looking for them, you won’t have the time or mental ability to search for them. Place them where you know they will be ready and waiting for you. Every room should have an object or two ready for use if necessary. You simply don’t know what room you'll end up in during an attack situation !

What objects ?

Think long and pointed like something from your kitchen such as a kitchen meat skewer, and something heavy and compact that will fit in your hand easily like an ashtray (whether or not you smoke). Try to stay away from obvious weapons like kitchen knives etc. I know these seem to be the obvious ideal weapon’s, but if you are not trained in their use they could be taken from you in a struggle and used against you. Also the UK law may deem protecting yourself and your children from an attacker with a blade is not ‘reasonable’ self defence - why ? Because the law can be very stupid regarding these matters, and if the thug has got a good lawyer you could be into damages if you severely maimed the attacker, and with the adrenalin rush and fear you will experience you WILL use a blade if it’s in your hands and when the red mist comes down you may fail to stop YOUR frenzied attack making YOU the guilty party !

In the case of a home intruder situation some people keep a BB pistol in a bedside drawer. These guns are very powerful at short range, the pellet velocity often exceeding 350 ft per second, specially if it is gas powered, though some spring action guns are just as powerful. The law is very unclear on whether the use of these ‘hobby’ guns if used in self defence is ‘reasonable’. Yes, there’s that horrible word again that no one can define - reasonable force ! From my readings and observations I have concluded (my view however so don’t quote me) that to aim and fire a standard BB gun at an attacker would not ‘reasonably’ be expected to seriously damage or kill them. Hurt, definitely, and if hit in the face, hand or any exposed skin would cause a lot of pain. This would definitely aid a self defence attack because the automatic ‘flinch’ response would cause the intruder to be vulnerable for a few seconds, which is more than enough time to continue threatening them with more of the same or physically attack them. So as long as the BB gun is in a drawer with a pack of targets (some holed as proof you really do enjoy target practice) then why not use it to defend yourself and family ?

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