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26th October 2016

A very special day in the history of ECKD.
Our very first EE DAN 2nd DEGREE promotion.

How fitting that it was awarded to our most experienced
SENIOR INSTRUCTORS Emily and Michael Rodgers. Their technical skills
and teaching abilities are second to non, and it was a very proud moment
that will stay with me for ever when I presented them with their EE DAN
belts, trophies and certificates.

To add even more authority to their EE Dan grade we where privileged to have their certificated signed and endorsed by non other than SDF-ASMAA senior instructor Mr David Turton 10 Dan. Thank you David !

Also, it was a joy to welcome a few ‘ex’ ECKD students who came along to celebrate Emily and Michael’s Grade. It was great seeing them again and hopefully we’ll meet again one day.

Emily and Michael’s grade was executed faultlessly, and they thoroughly deserve their EE Dan promotions.

Thank you for the pictures submitted by friends of ECKD. Although we are very grateful for the pictures they cannot capture the excitement and the ‘full on’ action performed by Emily and Michael.

A special thank’s also to IL Dan Daniel Peters and Instructor Micky Ferrari for partnering Michael and Emily. They gave their time (and energy) to train with them to make the EE DAN grade possible. Although the techniques required for the EE DAN grade where above their official level they were not daunted, and in true martial art spirit more than rose to the occasion. All there is left to say is a very big…


Senior Instructor EE DAN Michael Rodgers and Head Instructor John Edwards Senior Instructor EE DAN Michael Rodgers and Head Instructor John Edwards IL Dan form IL DAN Defence Drill IL DAN Defence Drill IL DAN close quarter Defence against a gun two attackers against one two attackers against one Two attackers  against one

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EE DAN Black Belt

Michael Rodgers


EE DAN Black Belt

Emily Rodgers


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