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Eltham CKD Corporate Services

Eltham CKD corporate self defence programs offer flexible timing, delivery, location, and format to ensure they fit your needs.

We teach practical and legal self defence skills tailored to your work environment. We understand that job requirements vary. A paramedic facing a hostile crowd while trying to administer aid to an injured person is a lot different to a school teacher trying to restrain a strong angry upset pupil - legally ! We know only too well that most people will look the other way and not get involved rather than help you (then be the first to criticise if you get it wrong). So our class sessions are designed to give you confidence and knowledge so you are not reliant on third party help.

Our Head Instructor has many years teaching personnel involved in front line ‘at risk’ employment including the TA, police forces, as well as fireman, ambulance crews, social workers, retail staff and those working in the care and education industry.

Our practical and ‘easy to learn’ self defence methods are
suitable for everyone, young, old, fit or unfit who has to
come into contact with possibly volatile situations during the
course of their work, and need to know the legal as well as
physical ways to protect themselves.

The training session can either be held at our premises in
Eltham, SE London or yours if you have the required space.

The Sessions are tailored to your exact requirements

When you book a training session with us we ask you some pertinent questions (usually by email). This is to ensure we teach you only what you want and need to know. We consider it standard work practice to avoid wasting time by concentrating only on your exact requirements.

We teach children as well as  adults

We are well know for our ‘anti bullying’ stance, and have helped thousands of kids (and adults) overcome the trauma and fear of bullies. We will show you exactly how to deal with a ‘physical’ bully either at work or school so you will once again feel confident and free. Our classes are not overly serious, we are all human and therefore enjoy a laugh while at the same time learn great techniques that will last you a lifetime !

Stranger Awareness

We always receive very positive feedback, and we are delighted the workshop is helpful in giving idea’s and suggestions to enable children to handle a suspicious approach by a stranger. The workshop is done in a cheerful, friendly way to gets the message across.
If you would like us to hold this workshop in your school or nursery contact us on 020 8304 3500.

It is FREE and provided as part of our community involvement.

To book a training session or to find out more please phone or email

John Edwards

020 8304 3500
07919 356980

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Would you know what to do ? Would you know what to do ?