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BULLYING ! Bully Bullies

Bullying in schools has been a problem since the beginning of time. Often the academic personnel don’t even want to acknowledge it.

Bullying is nature's way of weeding out the weak from the strong. I know it sound's harsh, but think about it... Children have not yet learned social norms and empathy. This is why they show their animalistic instincts - by PICKING on someone they think is weak.

So - what to do when being bullied ? The best answer to this question could be to FIGHT BACK ! It is relatively safe to fight school bullies, since they don't actually want to kill or cripple anyone. They just want to show their strength. Sure, there might be a few bruises after the fight. The victim might even lose. But that DOESN'T really matter. What matters is that the victim stood up for him / her self, and the bully will usually go after someone else next time rather than go through another real fight !

Bullying School Bully

Telling on the bully and fleeing CAN be counter productive. The child will only be seen as a wimp and the bullying will continue or EVEN get worse.

It's a very uncomfortable truth, but fighting in school is the most popular way to establish dominance and social hierarchy in its infant stages... Unlike movies tell us, bullies don't always turn from ugly ducklings into beautiful Swans. Quite a lot of the time they continue having self-esteem problems through the rest of their lives, and find their comfort in bullying others.

Teaching your child to retaliate as a last resort rather than as a automatic response should please everyone. To stop your child protecting themselves in case they ‘get into trouble’ can have a lasting negative effect throughout their live’s. Bullies must never be seen to be the winners, they will just continue being bullies !

If you are being bullied and have had enough join us today and put a stop to it once and for all !

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