Eltham CKD

Eltham ECKD Martial Arts and Self Defence School

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Eltham CKD  Black Belt Grade 24/4/19

Black Belt Grade 24/4/19 ECKD marshal arts & self defence school





Centre - Special Guest Anthony Plant from Cobham CKD and Vice President British Institute of Martial Arts

John & Cathryn Edwards
Head Instructors
& School Owner’s



Award Table Nervous but ready !

Ready for Defence Drill Techniques

Nervous but Ready !

Some of our Students Families and Friends

Defence Drill in full flow !

Focus Mitt Drills

Close Quarter Techniques

Counter attack using knee strikes

Clothing grab attack

Counter attack using knee strikes

Ground fight

Defence against strangle hold

‘Goose’ hold defence

Restraining hold

Knife threat

Ground fighting

Weapon attack

After take down attack

Countering ground strangle hold

Defence against knife attack

Headlock attack

Knife threat

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