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How to handle fear

Articles by John Edwards (Head Instructor Eltham CKD)

Eltham CKD martial art Instructor

I've often been asked why Eltham CKD does not get involved in competitions. It's a good question so I'll answer it as best as I can. Competition means there must be rules and point scoring. Well, Eltham CKD concentrates on what works in the 'real world' of conflict where there are no rules, there is no referee, there is no time out and there can only be one winner because there's no 2nd and 3rd place. This doesn't mean that our training sessions are full on "lets get stuck in" events. Everything is done calmly and safely, that's the only way to learn and remember the techniques we teach. Also, we are not tied to a 'certain way of doing something'. Our syllabus includes many techniques from many styles. If it works, we'll use it, if it doesn’t we won’t. I hope that answers the question.

“I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone.
I am simply trying to be better than the person I was yesterday.”
John Edwards…head Instructor Eltham CKD

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These articles are based on 'my own personal front line experiences', what I have been taught at seminars attended by the most respected self defence instructors, and material I have studied. I hope you will find them helpful with the practical and emotional aspects of your training. Many of the techniques we teach at Eltham CKD we also teach to the police and security personel, including paramedics, social workers, retail staff etc - see our “corporate” page.

I realise and respect the fact that some of my students may not agree with everything I write, do and say. That is the way it should be and I'll defend their right to disagree. However, this is my page so here we go !....
John Edwards (Head Instructor Eltham CKD)

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