How can your martial art training  help get you a job ?

You’ve left University with
lots of qualifications.
The problem is so have
many others. So you must
join the recruitment queue
and hope for the best.
Well not quite - read on.

The Benefits of ECKD

You don’t have to be super fit or an athlete to learn Eltham CKD. It is a ‘reality based’ easy to learn Self Defence system that is taught in gradual ‘non competitive’ stages at your own pace.

While learning with like minded people, in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Eltham CKD is great for improving your cardiovascular, skeletal and muscles. The ‘natural’ movements we use in our techniques ensure no harm will come to you, unlike so many traditional martial arts !

“The skills you learn at ECKD will last your lifetime, all it takes is some commitment from you, and we will do the rest” !

We meet every
Wednesday & ‘most’ Monday Evenings
(closed on Mondays that are public holidays)
 020 8304 3500
07919 356980

For your FREE trial session

Please book your free session (don’t just turn up), we are often fully subscribed and may not have enough room or instructors available for you.

Can I say that you guys do a wonderful job. Lxxxxx has grown so much more confident and although we have not managed to squash the bullying, he has started responding rather than putting his head down and taking it, and comes home very proud of himself. It has been a massive step for him and a great worry lifted for us. We are not fully there but knowing he can defend himself more than before makes a massive difference.

You do an amazing job for people who may not have been able to stop what happens to them otherwise. 
Keep it up and please do not stop.

Kindest regards

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Location and Training times

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Learn Practical Self Defence
Get Fitter -
Have Fun -
Join us today !

Why learn Self Defence?
Here are the FACTS !

ECKD founders and school owners
John and Cathryn Edwards

ECKD founders and school owners John and Cathryn Edwards More about ECKD Female defence against two Male attackers

Due to demand - we are now open TWICE a week !
AND ‘most’ Mondays
Kids 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Teens & Adults 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Students can attend either or both - NO INCREASE in training fees !
If you attend twice a week the cost is approx’ only £2.50 a session !
 AND you’ll learn life saving skills and have FUN !

“Come along for your FREE trial session”

Please book your free session (don’t just turn up), we are often fully subscribed and may not have enough room or instructors available.

“Don’t be a Victim - Join us Today” !
Learn Self Defence, Get fit, AND have Fun !

It seems not a day goes by without another story appearing in the paper, on TV, and radio about a knife attack on our streets.

Knives are now commonly used in attacks from angry street fights to muggings. The director of the victims of crime trust is quoted as saying "It is now an epidemic” - strong words indeed !

At present there are on average 175 knife attacks on our streets A DAY !!

You owe it to yourself, love one’s and friends to learn at least the basics of how to defend against a knife attack. Join us and we will teach you.

No defence system is 100%, but you’ll stand a better chance of survival learning our knife defence techniques than doing nothing and chancing to
luck !

Knife crime is officially  on the increase


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Dave Turton SDF Federation and Eltham CKD at the Dave Turton Workshop

A BIG thank you to Dave Turton and his is talented SDF-ASMAA instructors Kelly and Richard for travelling down for this ‘special’ workshop. As usual Dave was on top form and everyone enjoyed his humour and unrivalled knowledge. Thank you to all who attended for sending text’s and emails full of praise for this workshop, some of whom travelled from as far as the South Coast to attend.

ECKD made some new martial art friends and we hope to share time and training together in the future.

Dave Turton Workshop Photo’s and videos

Chief Instructor Syra Flaxman and Instructors

**Honorary Membership Award**

Well Done-and thank you to Instructor Syra Flaxman for 9 years loyal service to ECKD. We wish you good luck at University. more pictures and info’


Well done to Micky, Syra and Noah

Picture’s and Video’s

Micky, Syra, Noah

Micky, Syra and Noah

Congratulations to Amberlise Trigg
Promoted to Instructor

ECKD student Amberlise Trigg promotion to Instructor

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Congratulations to Giancarlo Mendes
Promoted to Instructor

Giancarlo Mendes promotion to Instructor

Congratulations to Lara Swara
Promoted to Instructor

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Eltham Boys Brigade Lare Swara promotion to Instructor

Thank you to the Boys Brigade Eltham for inviting us and making our Self Defence Workshop a great success. We hope to see you all again soon !

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I am delighted to say we had a full house, lots of laughs and some really great characters practicing self defence. Many for the very first time.

see photo’s

‘PUPLIC’ Self Defence Workshop

Shooters Hill 6th Form College
for Royal Greenwich Sensory Service.
Supporting deaf students.

Dear John..our students are from 16-19 years old with varying levels of hearing loss, some access speech and some need full signed support. We have some with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities and some with visual impairments.

I would like to thank you for delivering such an amazing workshop yesterday. Staff and students have been looking at the pictures and discussing how fantastic both you and Chris were.

 You were able to keep all students engaged and were professional and funny at the same time.

photo’s and review

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ECKD Founder & Head Instructor John Edwards.
Read the “Bullying” & “Conquering Fear” articles
and a little about me (you may be surprised).
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John Edwards-Keyboard and Guitar player John Edwards. Founder & Head Instructor ECKD

Eltham CKD

Eltham ECKD Martial Arts and Self Defence School

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