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I am delighted to announce that Senior Instructors Emily Rodgers and Michael Rodgers are being tested for
their 2nd Degree (EE DAN) on October 26th.
They are both training very hard to be ready for this important grade. We wish them the best of luck, and look forward very much to their grading.

The Benefits of Eltham CKD

Kicking techniques,martial art,focus mitts techniques,punching,striking,kicking

Eltham CKD is great for improving your cardiovascular, skeletal and muscles. The ‘natural’ movements we use in our techniques ensure no harm will come to you, unlike so many traditional martial arts !

Black belt martial art,promotion to black belt,IL Dan achievement

Learn Practical Self Defence -
Get Fitter -
Have Fun -
Join us today !

You don’t have to be super fit or an athlete to learn Eltham CKD. It is a ‘reality based’ easy to learn Self Defence system that is taught in gradual ‘non competitive’ stages at your own pace.

While learning with like minded people, in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Promoted to
Emily Rodgers.

Senior Instructor is the highest office available in ECKD below ‘HEAD Instructor’, and it is a credit to Emily at just 16 years of age that she has achieved this very high promotion. Emily joined ECKD in February 2008 and her Syllabus knowledge, technical skill and dedication to ECKD has been 2nd to none ever since that first day.

She often puts her own training to one side to help other students, and is the epitome of what a marshal artist should be.  

If that wasn’t enough, she is grading for her EE Dan (2nd degree) Black Belt on the 26th October alongside her Dad Michael Rodgers. Is there no stopping this girl ?

Well done Emily !

Emily Rodgers promotion to SENIOR INSTRUCTOR

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Thank you so much to the lovely people
who came along to our
PUBLIC Self Defence Workshop

This was a rare opportunity for members of the public with no or little ‘self defence’ knowledge or experience to learn EFFECTIVE and PRACTICAL techniques against a violent attacker - unarmed and armed !

Amongst those attending were people from the Retail, NHS, Social Services, Martial arts, and the general public.

Thank you so much for your positive feedback. We are glad you found the workshop informative …and fun !

Public Self Defence workshop pictures here

Public Self Defence Workshop February 2016

A Martial Art school is only as good as its instructors.
THANK YOU instructors
for making Eltham CKD GREAT !

ELTHAM CKD is proud to be a member of the
(All Styles Martial Art Association
incorporating the Self Defence Federation)
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Head Instructor John Edwards
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“The skills you learn at Eltham CKD will last your lifetime,
all it takes is a some commitment from you,
and we will do the rest” !

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